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It is approaching that time of the year again, where the days are shorter and the nights are longer but we always want our SAX’s to be suited and cozy. For now, we are bringing back the 1920’s
and tweed suits.

Origins of the Tweed Suit



There are a few stories on how the tweed suit came to be. Its story begins on the Isles of the Scottish Outer Hebrides, where tweed fabric was made by islanders to shield them from the terribly cold winters. Traditionally, tweed was hand-woven by crofters who would use their own wool to create the fabric. This fabric was referred to in Gaelic

as ‘Clò Mór’, meaning ‘The Big Cloth’.



The name “tweed” and its origins apparently stem from a simple administrative error on an invoice to a London merchant. The story

goes that the fabric’s original name is “tweel” which is derived from the Scottish term ’twill’, which is the signature weave of the fabric. The merchant misunderstood the invoice and thought that ‘tweed’ was the trade name taken from the River Tweed – a river that flows through the Scottish borders and  thus “tweed” came to be.


My Look

Inspired by one of my favourite television shows, Peaky Blinders, I wanted to recreate an outfit that would make me feel as though I am Thomas Shelby running the streets of Birmingham in the 1920’s. The colour of the suits in Peaky Blinders are usually neutral colours ranging from black, navy blue and grey but I opted for an earthy colour just to confuse the established order of things. I opted for a dark green suit, plain white shirt, tan/brown ankle high boots and lastly, gold accessories.


A well tailored suit is relatively easy to pull off but the key with the tweed suit is accessories. A tweed suit provides a unique, classic and incredibly stylish look for gentlemen– especially when paired with some great well-chosen accessories. Newsboy hats, rings, pocket watches, collar

studs which will compliment the fabric chosen.

When should you wear Tweed?

As a start, we would recommend that you wear tweed in cooler temperatures. Tweed is a rugged fabric, resistant to both wind and

water with great insulating properties. Wearing tweed is a great way to stay warm without bulking up in layers and layers of clothes. If you are not sold on purchasing an entire tweed suit, we still advocate for

the purchase of a tweed jacket. An earth or neural colored tweed jacket will go with almost anything however purchasing a tweed suit does give you more options when it comes to mixing and matching

for future outfits.



Suit and shirt by: SAX


Shoes by: Tosoni


Pocket Watch by: Farah pocket watches



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